Web Design & Maintenance service

Lets face it: you can go on the internet and set up a simple web site for very low bucks yet spend a large chunk of your valuable time in the process. Then you have to pay a monthly fee and deal with their advertising showing up on your web site.

But, what if you want a complex web site with lots of information, frequent changes, and an email box for every key employee?

What if you don't want the clumsy web-mail system and would prefer to use Outlook?

Do you really have the time and money for that?

I can solve those problems for you.

Take a look at the active domains at the left and realize they sometimes require daily maintenance and updates.

I can set you up with a similar site for a simple annual
hosting and maintenance fee.

No annoying fees for every change you want.

No annoying monthly fees.

Just email me with your change, and its done.

But, what if I'm on the drag strip for a 4-5 day weekend?
What if I'm out hunting elk?
What if the hospital I work for sends me to a 2 week school in Florida?

That is also not a problem.

My 5th wheel looks like a geeks antenna farm, because it is. I am set up to handle it.

I have set up Wi-Fi at the drag strip (top Link on the left) and in the hunting area RV lot (they both love me for that), and if where I'm at doesn't have Wi-Fi, my cell phone does.

--There is a method to my madness--

Contact the principals of the active sites listed on the left and ask them if I'm reliable.

Cruise the rest of this site and you will find that I'm for real.

Then decide for yourself...Just email me when you want to get started.

What can I make for you?
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